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Aladdin Tents specializes in creating the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding. We will gladly inspect your grounds to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests so your special day goes exactly as planned.

Tents, tables, chairs, heaters, dance floors. We have many of the things you'll need to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

If inclement weather is your concern, we provide tents with sides and heaters that ensure your guests will stay dry and warm, no matter what the weather outside.

Aladdin Tents has been featured in The Knot magazine.


Backyard Parties

What could be more fun and afforable than entertaining your guests in the comfort of your own backyard? Entertaining your guests in the comfort of your backyard under the protection of an Aladdin Tent, that's what!

We offer tents in all shapes and sizes, including frame tents which may be installed on your patio or deck.

We will gladly stop by your place prior to your event to ensure we can safely and securely install the tents on your grounds.

Corporate Events

Does your business or organization hold outdoor conferences, family outings, or customer appreciation days? If you've answered yes to any of the above, you've come to the right place.

Aladdin Tent Rentals, Inc. has nearly 30 years of experience in providing tents and associated materials for corporate events. Indeed we have provided such services for Marist College, The Culinary Institute of America , various local municipalities and many more businesses and organizations.

Aladdin Tent Rentals, Inc. was the proud provider of tents, tables and chairs for the historic Clinton-Yeltsin Summit in Hyde Park in October 1995.

If your corporation or organization is planning such an event, feel free to give us a call, or submit our convenient contact form. We'll be glad to help coordinate your day with all other parties involved to ensure your event goes exactly as planned.


Thanks for all your help, the event was a great success. You and your staff were great to work with.

/  Jamie Lynnn Bishop - Marist College  /