We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all your company and to make our customer appreciation day a huge sucess. Your outstanding effort was valuable. We could not have done it without You. It sure is nice to know that we have such reliable and accomodating companies supporting us. It was a complete pleasure working with you all and we hope to see you again next year.

/  Joseph F Henry IV and Margaret A. Rowland - Sodexo Campus Services  /

Terms and Extra Fees

Price of tables and chairs is the drop off price. All tables and chairs are to be re-stacked before our arrival for pickup. (Does not apply to the elderly).
Extra fees will apply if the items are scattered.
Add 25% to the table and chair price if you require setup. We will also need prior notice.
Extra fees may apply for deliveries during non-business hours.
Tent sites must be marked out. We do not move or jockey tents after they have been un-rolled or installed.
Extra fees apply for pavement installations. Patching plugs are also available.
All orders are payment upon delivery.
Some orders are subject to a deposit and a signed reservation.
All prices are subject to truck accessibility and will determined before hand.
We will not surprise you with extra fee's and charges.
Concession equipment must be returned clean (except cotton candy machines).
Customer is responsible for marking of underground wires etc. Aladdin Tents is not responsible for any damage that may occur.
Deliveries are between Wednesday and Friday. Please be prepared with landscaping, lawn mowing etc. by Wednesday, with the tent site clearly marked. You may have to mow under the tent if we arrive beforehand.
Discounts are available for Afghanistan and Iraq veterans. 

Thank you very much for considering Aladdin Tent Rentals as your tent provider.